How to Decide Between Portrait and Landscape Mode for Your Photos

Portrait Vs Landscape

Hey there Lawn lover! How's it going? You're probably looking to start the lawn of your dreams but don't know where to begin huh? That's alright, we can help you out. First and foremost, when it comes to lawns you'll want to decide on the type of layout you choose Portrait or Landscape.


It's important to understand the difference between a portrait and a landscape layout when it comes to lawn and maintenance. A portrait layout is narrow and long while a landscape layout is wide and short. When it comes to gardening this choice is essential, as a portrait layout will make it easier to keep track of plants and lawns while a landscape layout will add to the aesthetic look of the lawn.


Now that you've chosen a layout, let's move onto the maintenance. This is the time to settle on a mowing routine, so it's important to decide how often you want to mow your lawn, how short you want it cut, and what type of equipment to use. Setting the deck height of the mower properly is key, so that the grass is cut at the right height, with the ideal length being 2 to 3 inches at the highest. You also need to sharpen the blades of your mower at least once a year, and start to get acquainted with the finer points of lawn care like proper aeration and fertilizing.


Along with mowing, mulching is an essential part of lawn and maintenance. Mulching is a great way to manage weeds, retain water, and protect the soil from the sun's harsh rays. Mulching your lawn also adds essential nutrients to the soil, crusting it and providing vital aeration. However, choosing the right type of mulch, applying it correctly, and making sure to use the right amount can be tricky. Make sure to do some research before you start mulching, so that you can get the most benefit out of it.


Pruning is also an essential task when it comes to lawn and maintenance. Pruning helps stimulate growth, gives plants space to breathe, and provides access to light and air. You should ensure that your pruning gear is sharp and well-maintained, and always use clean cuts that allow for the plant to heal. Pruning poorly can ruin the structure of the tree or plant, so it pays to take time, research, and practice before attempting this.


Finally, as the cold sets in, it's important to winterize the garden and your plants. Perennials and shrubs will need to be covered or wrapped up for the winter to protect them from the frost and the snow, and trees should be checked for damage such as broken or split branches. Pruning should be done during the winter months as well, and make sure to fertilize your plants if you want them to look great come the spring!

To sum it up, lawn and maintenance is an important and enjoyable part of gardening. It can often feel daunting, but with some research, practice, and a lot of patience, you can have the dream lawn you always wanted. So get to researching, and get to prepping for the perfect lawn!