Exploring the Work of 5 of the Most Famous Landscape Photographers

Famous Landscape Photographers

Landscaping: A Complete Guide

From the most basic agrarian fields to intricate Japanese Zen gardens, landscape design has been transforming the world around us for centuries. Whether you're looking to spruce up your yard for the summer or throw a party in your backyard, landscaping can help bring the gorgeous outdoor living space of your dreams to life.

Water Features: Ponds, Fountains, and Waterfalls

One of the most popular ways to create a stunning outdoor environment is by installing water features. From adding the pleasant bubbling noise of a fountain or waterfall to beautiful koi ponds, these features provide stunning visual appeal that can greatly increase the estate value of your home.

Pros and Cons

Water features offer many great advantages to homeowners looking to beautify their landscape. These can include adding a pleasant ambiance to your outdoor living space, making the environment more lush and inviting, and providing wildlife habitats in urban areas. Of course, the water feature can also require a significant initial investment, not only in terms of purchasing and/or installation costs but also the upkeep of the feature (Devore, 2019).

Case Study: Mike Heisler, Professional Landscaper

Mike Heisler is the owner and founder of Michigan Outdoor Solutions, a highly successful landscaping business in Michigan. Mike has successfully installed several water features for his clients, including multi-tiered waterfalls, large koi ponds, and bubbling rock gardens. With his impeccable attention to detail and deep knowledge of construction and installation techniques, clients have been highly satisfied with his work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a water feature cost?

    The cost of a water feature will depend on the size and complexity of the project. Smaller fountains or bubbling rock gardens can typically be installed for around $500-$700, whereas larger koi ponds can cost thousands.

  • Do I need a professional to install a water feature?

    It is highly recommended that you hire a professional with plenty of experience in landscape construction when installing a water feature. This will ensure the integrity of the structure and optimize against any potential water damage or leakage.

Hardscaping: Patios, Walkways, and Retaining Walls

Creating an outdoor environment that is visually pleasing is not enough to enjoy your backyard all year round - you need something that is firmly built and durable. From patios and walkways to different types of wall structures, hardscaping features can help bring your idea of outdoor beauty to reality.

Features and Benefits

Hardscaping is a terrific way to greatly improve the aesthetics and longevity of your outdoor living space. Patios, walkways, and retaining walls are all features that can make your backyard look more organized, professionally landscaped, and inviting. Not only is hardscaping beautiful to behold and add structure to your backyard, but it can also be used to hold up slopes in gardens billowing with plants, or walls that border pools or outdoor fireplaces.

Mistakes People Make

Though hardscaping can offer a lot of benefits to your property, many people overlook the importance of proper installation techniques. Installing pavers or stones too close together can result in cracking and settling, while failing to properly grade a slope or using the wrong kind of retaining wall can cause water damage or weaken the structure over time. It is recommended that you hire a professional to ensure the quality and integrity of your hardscaping.

Best Practices

The best practices for hardscaping installation will depend on the type of project you're undertaking. For pathways and patios, ensure that materials are not placed too close together and that the surface is graded properly to allow for adequate drainage. If you're creating retaining walls, always use the highest-quality products available and properly inspect the area for water flow and erosion to avoid water damage. Hiring a professional with a track record of success in hardscaping will greatly increase the success of your project.

Rock Gardens: Design and Installation

Creating a rock garden is a great way to bring the natural beauty of the outdoors into your yard quickly and effectively. Rock gardens are also great for low-maintenance landscaping, offering a practical and easy-to-maintain landscape that offers instant beauty for any home.

Features and Benefits

Rock gardens offer a variety of great benefits to homeowners. Not only do they bring a hint of the outdoors indoors, but they can also be used to create different scenic backdrops or focal points in the landscape. Rock gardens are also incredibly low maintenance, requiring very little upkeep after installation.

Best Practices

When creating a rock garden, it's important to use pieces of rock that are carefully chosen to provide the right texture and shape. Flat rocks are ideal if you're looking to create a pathway, while rounded rocks will bring a more natural appearance. Be sure to avoid using any sharp edges or pointed rocks in your garden, as they can easily hurt people or animals. Additionally, you should also avoid rocks with vivid colors oretrying to match them with your existing landscape.

Creating a Zen Garden or Meditation Space

Zen gardens or meditation spaces are perfect for creating a peaceful and calming retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These gardens usually include some combination of rocks, sand, vibrant plants, and water features, each contributing to overall balance and beauty of the space.

Features and Benefits

Zen gardens or meditation spaces can provide a number of benefits to homeowners. The incorporation of sand, rocks, vibrant plants, and water features will bring the calming beauty of nature into your backyard while providing a tranquil atmosphere designed to relax your body and mind. These gardens are also typically very low-maintenance, making them easy to keep up and great for busy homeowners.

Case Study: Famous Landscape Photographers

Many of the world's best photographers have used Zen gardens and meditation spaces to create stunning, timeless images. Photographers such as Edward Weston, Joel Meyerowitz, and Rodney Smith have rocked landscape photography by using these simple but elegant spaces as the stage for their visions.


No matter your landscape goals, incorporating different features such as water features, hardscaping, and rock gardens, or creating a Zen garden or meditation space can help make your outdoor living space the oasis you've always dreamed of. Investing in a quality landscape design will not only increase your home's value but also provide you with a reliable and enduring space for year-round relaxation.